Created by Colombian-born sisters Lucía and Isabella Bueno Mallarino, this brand features handmade jewelry that is crafted in the delicate filigree technique, a method that consists of hand-sewing the jewel with a gold thread. The sisters grew up in the Colombian city of Cali, known for its lush flora and fauna, and with each timeless Mallarino piece comes the suggestion of nature along with a contemporary touch.

Pepa Pombo

Colombian designer Pepa Pombo specializes in knitwear with tropical patterns and rich, seventies-era tones marked by lotus flare skirts, kimonos and body-accentuating silhouettes. Since Pepa’s daughter, Monica Holguín, took charge of the brand's creative direction, the fashion house has taken a more colorful route, always respecting its signature DNA while adding an element of functionality in its reversible, adaptable pieces.

Maison Alma

Established by Colombian-born Daniela Bahamon, Maison Alma produces exceptional statement coats and purses that represent the ‘soul’ of Latin America— with a Parisian twist. Her luxurious, vibrant pieces recall fauna and flora, and, as the name would suggest, are made with the richest French interior design textiles, all handcrafted by master tailors in Bogotá, Colombia.

Carolina k

After traveling across Latin America, India and other destinations, Argentinian-born Carolina Kleinman created her namesake brand, focusing on the rich textiles of Latin America and presenting a sophisticated, artisanal alternative for the gypsy-spirited traveler. Working under a fair trade model, the designer collaborates with artisans in Mexico and throughout Latin America in an effort to keep ancient traditions alive and give back to local indigenous communities.