Bagged. by Anna Keville Joyce

bagged akj foodsytling


Food artist Anna Keville Joyce brings the unlikely worlds of food and fashion together in Bagged, an unusual project she created in collaboration with seasoned fashion and beauty photographer Travis Rathbone and high end retoucher Ro SantiEsteban.

bagged by anna keville joyce

The Buenos Aires-based food stylist and culinary creative director predicted that the combination of her food world – sultry, ephemeral, grimy, animal, instinctive, and slimy–  and Rathbone’s fashion world – tidy, sterile, perfect, shiny, and timeless– would yield an equal parts unusual and aesthetic product.

bagged by anna keville joyce

The result is both captivating and intriguingly fishy, a photo series you can’t quite come to terms with, and one that honors the cult status of luxury beauty and fashion products while also poking a bit of fun at the seriousness of it all.

About Anna Keville Joyce

Food stylist Anna Keville Joyce has participated in a variety of photography and film projects around the world, and has been featured in numerous publications and exhibitions. Her creative spark, attention to detail, and keen sense of composition has allowed her to gain a broad international client list. She has the pleasure of collaborating on increasingly creative and dynamic projects.