The best of Colombiamoda 2018

The JBalvingxGef runway. Photo courtesy of  Inexmoda .

The JBalvingxGef runway. Photo courtesy of Inexmoda.


The 29th edition of Colombia fashion week came to a close this Thursday, leaving us with much to ponder about in terms of the current state of the Latin American fashion industry and where it is headed. Although organizer Inexmoda achieved only 94% of its $180 million dollar goal, the fair still managed to bring a whopping 19,000 visitors from 40 countries and unveil a wide selection of compelling fashion proposals for the coming year, proving why Colombiamoda is the premiere platform for seeking out the best of Colombian fashion design. To follow are what we consider to be the most promising fashion proposals from the fair.

Isabel Henao

isabel henao colombiamoda

Designer: Isabel Henao

Collection: El Sonido del Viento (The Sound of the Wind)

Inspiration: Japanese influences and the swaying of flowers in the wind

Palette: Pearl white, off white and shades of blue and violet

Bogotá-born designer Isabel Henao closed Colombia fashion week on a high with a stunning spring summer collection featuring fluid, feminine formalwear looks of satin, silk and jacquard fabrics set in pearl white, off white, royal blue and violet. Inspired by an artisan fan-maker the designer spotted in Kyoto, Japan, the collection aims to empower the woman who dresses in it, simultaneously emphasizing her most delicate, feminine essence.


Designer: Andrés Restrepo and Alejandro González for Alado

Collection: Destierro (Exile)

Inspiration: Colombia’s displaced population

Palette: Earthy tones alternating with garbs in a bright and colorful palette

In response to Colombia’s alarming rates of displacement, designers Andrés Restrepo and Alejandro González of Alado created the “Destierro” collection to shed light on the country’s marginalized populations, providing a voice for the artisans, farmers and rural folk who have never told their story. In its purest form, the collection comments on the global refugee crisis, allowing clothing to narrate the stories of exodus and seeking of refuge.

Alexandra Bueno

Designer: Alexandra Bueno

Collection: 1989 Pan y Canela (1989 Bread and Cinnamon)

Inspiration: A celebration of the coast and the city

Palette: White and off-white, cherry red and black Gingham check, baby blue and denim

Designer Alexandra Bueno looked to her Spanish and Mexican roots, combined with her Caribbean and urban experience to create her latest collection, “1989 Pan y Canela.” Her second consecutive year at Colombiamoda generated a positive reaction from the public, with a line of feminine and wearable pieces that transmit the spirit of the Colombian woman.


Designer: JBalvin

Collection: JBalvinxGef

Inspiration: 90s hip-hop and the “vibes” of JBalvin’s latest album

Palette: Red, yellow, orange, denim, translucent fabrics, and metallic details

Reggaeton icon JBalvin made his fashion debut on the Colombiamoda catwalk thanks to his collaboration with casual wear brand Gef. Conveying an undeniably Balvin-esque spirit, the collection recalls the hip-hop style of the 90s while transmitting the infectious vibrations of his latest album.

bahía maría

Designer: Bahía María

Collection: Inminente (Imminent)

Inspiration: Minimalism and geometry

Palette: Rose, coral, black and navy

Bahía María’s “Inminente” collection presents a fresh approach to what is often seen on the beachwear runway. Featuring ruffles and bows in one or two piece bodysuits, the collection’s minimalist silhouettes emulate geometric shapes, offering an innovative way to wear a bathing suit.


flipando vogue talents colombiamoda

Designer: Flipando

Collection: Calima

Inspiration: The ancient Calima culture and artisanship

Palette: Gold and pops of color

Inspired by the ancient Calima culture of Colombia’s Valle del Cauca, Flipando’s jewelry collection emulates Calima gold work, known for its exaggerated size and excessive detailing. The handmade statement pieces are plated in 24k gold, making them a striking addition to any outfit.