5 things you can’t miss at Colombiamoda 2019

Johanna Ortiz’s collection launched at Colombiamoda 2015. Photo property of Inexmoda.

Johanna Ortiz’s collection launched at Colombiamoda 2015. Photo property of Inexmoda.

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Colombia Fashion Week – or Colombiamoda—begins next week (July 23-25) in Medellin with a much-awaited inaugural runway show by fashion giant Johanna Ortiz at the Palacio de la Cultura. This year’s Colombiamoda aims to grant greater importance to the end consumer, presenting more than 20 runway shows and a commercial exhibition featuring nearly 570 exhibiting brands, plus new initiatives like the Concept Market and Colombiamoda Digital that seek to connect the digital world with the physical, for the first time allowing for the purchase of finished products at the fair.

Johanna Ortiz, photo courtesy of Inexmoda.

Johanna Ortiz, photo courtesy of Inexmoda.

With its 30th edition of Colombiamoda + Textiles2, Inexmoda will delve deeper into current industry realities like the democratization of fashion and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as always highlighting the talent, creativity, innovation, and unique characteristics that have catapulted Colombian design onto the international stage. To follow are the events we are looking forward to the most.

  1. opening show by johanna ortiz

Five years ago, Johanna Ortiz closed Colombiamoda with a collection that determined the DNA of her brand, which is now positioned in 23 countries and sells 90% of its production through online platforms. The unquestionable success and evolution of her brand positions Johanna as one of the most important designers in Latin America. With 100% of her products manufactured in Colombia, she went from producing 3,000 garments in 2014 to 28,000 garments in 2019, generating around 313 jobs in Cali, Colombia. This year, Johanna returns to kick off what we imagine will be the most unforgettable Colombia Fashion Week in years.

2. the Best designer lineup in years

In addition to the opening show by Johanna, we are looking forward to the closing show by Alado, and other runway shows by Alexandra Bueno, Andrés Pajón, Andrés Otalora, Beatriz Camacho, Carlo Carrizosa, Isabel Henao, Maria Elena Villamil, Pink Filosofy, and Renata Lozano—basically a lineup of all our favorite Colombian designers.

3. The Concept Market & Colombiamoda Digital

The Concept Market is a new initiative meant to connect customers with their favorite “tropical urban” brands, bringing together the jovial, optimistic attitude that characterizes the tropics with the colors, aroma, and music of the city.

A shot from last year’s Vogue Talents Corner.

A shot from last year’s Vogue Talents Corner.

Meanwhile, Colombiamoda Digital will provide a space for brands to activate their digital strategy and educate their customers about the benefits of digital, since–according to AF International–by 2019, 30% of retail will experience a digital transformation.

Admission to these events will be by invitation, which will be distributed by Inexmoda and participating brands.

4. Vogue Talents Corner

Making its return to Colombiamoda is the Vogue Talents Corner, a platform with an international presence that brings together local designers, seeking to support Colombian talent, strengthen Vogue's commitment to Latin American design, and highlight the importance of Colombiamoda in the fashion industry.

Here you’ll find brands like Mia Mulatta, Khbeis, Vásquez and García, ZUT, and Michelle Mejia Atelier exhibiting garments, and Alejandra Valdivieso, Adriana Tinoco, Faoba Joyas, Krystel, Laura Cabrera, and Oriana Miranda in the jewelry section.

5. Knowledge Pavilion

On this occasion, Colombiamoda’s conferences pavilion will present around 16 conferences and 6 workshops about the disruption in business and consumer models. Don’t miss conferences by WGSN, Microsoft and Radar.

To follow is the Colombiamoda 2019 runway schedule, which you can also stream online at colombiamoda.inexmoda.com.


Monday july 22

8pm | Opening Runway Show: Johanna Ortiz @ Palacio de la Cultura

Tuesday july 23

12pm | NonStop 1 Moda a la Colombiana: Religare

1pm | Avon Foundation – Andrés Pajón

3pm | UPB – Universidad Pontifica Bolivariana

4pm | Carlo Carrisoza

6pm | Pink Filosofy

8pm | Chevrolet Fashion Night by Beatriz Camacho

9pm | Tennis

Wednesday july 24

12pm | Nonstop 2 Moda a la Colombiana: La Petite Mort by Ana Lucía Bermúdez

1pm | Trucco’s Jeans

3pm | Guío di Colombia

4pm | Colegiatura

5pm | Chamela

6pm | Alcaldía de Medellín + Épica Miguemo

7pm | Banco de Bogotá + El Tiempo + MEV by Maria Elena Villamil

8pm | Chevrolet Fashion Night by Renata Lozano

9pm | Arkitekt + Maestros Ancestrales + Fucsia + Artesanias de Colombia with Juana Acosta

Thursday July 25

12pm | Non Stop 3 Moda a la Colombiana: Livenza - Le’Zapatiere

2pm | Fundación Universitaria del Área Andina

3pm | Alma + Bronzini + Isabel Henao

7pm | Havaianas by Alexandra Bueno

8pm | Chevrolet Fashion Night by Andrés Otálora

9pm | Closing Show by ALADO