Highlights of Colombiamoda, Day 1


The first day of Colombiamoda was jam-packed with the designer lineup of our dreams, including a few of our favorites which we will go into more detail about below. Highlights include none other than the mesmerizing talent of local favorite Andrés Pajón; from Cali, Carlo Carrisoza and Pink Filosofy; and bringing the sea breeze from the coast, Beatriz Camacho— plus two smaller brands that we love, Juan de Dios and Religare. It’s important to note that four out of the following six collections represent a movement towards ethical fashion and conscious consumerism, a trend we are seeing more and more at Colombiamoda. To follow are key points on each collection.

Juan de Dios

Designer: María Valencia

Collection: Resort 2020 ‘Wild Soul’

Inspiration: Colombia’s Pacific coast, and other peaceful places in nature

Palette: Opened in white, gradually shifting towards natural tones in purple, blue, yellow and black.

Inspired by the Colombian Pacific, Juan de Dios is a relatively new swimwear line created by Maria Valencia, focused on swimwear made through artisanal, handmade processes. Inspired by Colombia’s Pacific coast, we noticed a theme of high waistlines, large frills, wrap skirts, and bows that tied in the back. Each piece is made of Econyl, a material made from nylon waste from fish nets that contaminate the ocean. Juan de Dios: one of Colombia’s best bets for a young, ethical swimwear brand. juandediosswimwear.com


Designer: Manuela Peña

Collection: ‘Latido’ (Heartbeat)

Inspiration: The wisdom of the earth and the Inga indigenous reservation in Colombia’s Putumayo region

Palette: White, black and natural tones

Religare by Manuela Peña is an homage to the land and its artisans; a young, ethical brand that recalls the jungle and is made for the conscious consumer. Peña’s latest collection— the designer only makes one per year, in line with her slow fashion philosophy— represents a natural, bohemian, breezy line of clean, flowy silhouettes for the stress-free señorita. This means plenty of basics like white, off-white and pastel tones, and details that recall Colombian artisanship— all made in kumare, an ancestral vegetable fiber from the Amazon. religarestore.com

Andrés Pajón

Designers: Andrés Pajón and Felipe Cartagena

Collection: ‘Ritual’

Inspiration: A magical safari through Colombia

Palette: Blacks, tans, natural and jewel tones that brighten into pink, red and gold

A brand that pioneered evening gowns in Colombia 10 years ago, now joins forces with Fundación Avon to challenge us to change our treatment of women, the earth and each other with the campaign #Cambiaeltrato (#Changethetreatment). ‘Ritual’ presents a collection that ranges from everyday attire to glamorous evening gowns that stand out for their feminine silhouettes, elegance, and bright colors. This collection represents a first for the brand in terms of distribution, with a commercial offer soon available in Avon’s catalogues. andrespajon.com

Carlo Carrisoza

Designer: Carlo Carrisoza

Collection: Spring 2020 ‘Facunda’ (Eloquent)

Inspiration: An ode to love, Romanticism

Color Scheme: Pastel tones that recall a bucolic sunset, plus stronger tones like magenta, orange and pistachio

Filled with the designer’s signature pleats and ruffles, and the added elements of ribbons, empire waists, and delicate, light silhouettes, Carlo Carrisoza’s new collection is romantic and feminine, combining Romanticism and nineteenth-century fashions to create refreshingly wearable pieces. carlocarrizosa.com

Pink Filosofy

Designer: Adriana Arboleda

Collection: ‘A-Temporal’

Inspiration: A woman who dresses every day for herself; who wants to feel comfortable, pretty and feminine without too much effort

Color Scheme: Colors that can be worn throughout the year like tan and beige tones, dark green, mustard yellow, terracotta and some denim

Conceived as a timeless collection— not for spring or winter but for today and always— ‘A-Temporal’ by Pink Filosofy was created for the woman who dresses for herself, is conscious of herself and the planet and wants to complement her everyday wardrobe with wearable but sophisticated, delicately-made basics. The collection represents Adriana Arboleda’s first solo collection since co-founder Johanna Ortiz decided to focus more on her own hyper-successful brand. ‘A-Temporal’ was made mostly in simple fabrics like cotton and linen, and features layered jumpsuits, knit dresses, long blazers, wide leg, flowy cropped pants and long jeans, wide leather belts, and others in the same fabric complete with decorative fanny packs. pinkfilosofy.com

Beatriz Camacho

Designer: Beatriz Camacho

Collection: ‘Aloha’ Spring/ Summer 2020

Inspiration: The ocean, a trip to California and Hawaii

Color Scheme: Deep blues and greens, and colors that recall the ocean

Designer Beatriz Camacho created this collection after a trip to California and Hawaii, where she saw firsthand the catastrophic effects ocean contamination has on the planet. Her Spring/ Summer 2020 ready-to-wear collection raises an important question about the consumerist mentality that surrounds the fashion industry and asks us to be more conscious of our purchases. ‘Aloha’ manages this through fluid ensembles featuring kaleidoscopic graphics and prints inspired by marine fauna. Made in biodegradable materials like cotton, linen and silk, the collection presents simple silhouettes created through a draping effect that means each step forward has smooth, ethereal movement that mimics the sea. beatrizcamacho.com