They call it Hispanic minimalism


The women behind Los Angeles- based Estudio Persona have tapped into their Uruguayan roots to create Flow, a distinctly neutral and minimalist furniture collection that favors the absence of color to the usual Hispanic cliché of sun-soaked skies and vibrant, highly saturated tones.


Preferring monochrome hues, stark natural forms, and sculptural lines, the distinctly brutalist take on Uruguay was imagined by female duo Emiliana Gonzalez and Jessie Young. Their studio embodies a new female Hispanic minimalism that brings enduring forms and furniture to life.


Based out of an airy, light-filled studio in downtown Los Angeles, the two women work with natural materials in juxtaposing ways, mixing leather with wood forms while bending glass and steel to evoke suppleness and elasticity.

Flow Collection

Evoking the melancholy Uruguayan sky, Flow looks for light in darkness and softness in steel and glass. In constant movement, its shapes fold and unfold, evolving into forms and shadows characterized by a general absence of color.


O Stool

Welded in blackened steel, the O Stool takes the circle shape to new levels, unfolding and folding again to create a fluid softness in steel, and playing with lights and shadows that curve inwards and outwards.


O Table

Flowing like ink as it practically drips to the floor, the blackened steel O Table collapses the circle shape while using different depths that play on the shape’s perspective.



This playful, cartoon-like bench exaggerates the circle shape by allowing circular forms to flow inward and fall into themselves. Meanwhile, clean, white upholstery is meant to suggest the liquid flow of air in constant movement.

Address: 1340 E 6th street Suite 509, Los Angeles, CA 90029
Telephone: +1 213 537 0566
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