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Inspired by the concept of travel and cultural diversity, AEI Arquitectura e Interiores designed these corporate offices for software giant Globant in Bogotá.


The software firm is known for sending its employees to its more than 37 offices around the world, an initiative that promotes cultural awareness and provides them with new experiences and perspectives. AEI, who had previously designed offices for Globant, materialized this travel concept in a corporate space that reflects constant movement and globalization.


Globant wanted its workers to feel completely comfortable and at home, in an effort to encourage them to spend more time at the office with spaces that stimulate creativity, discovery, experimentation, spontaneity and collaboration.


AEI also paid special attention to creating “chill out” spaces to promote rest, wellness, interaction and playfulness, featuring a scattering of hammocks, a spacious cafeteria with a bar, plus a videogame area, a café area, and a music room.


Not least of all, solo spaces played a key role in promoting individual work and tasks demanding high concentration.

Perhaps the most striking exemplar of the travel concept are the recycled containers adapted for meeting use. These were created to stimulate innovation through diverse travel experiences like the forest, ocean, jungle and space. Outfitted with furniture, materials and décor that pertain to each landscape, the rooms are equipped for single-use telephone cabins or even 12-person boardroom meetings.


Another feature are the offices which feature open workspaces to stimulate communication between groups and colleagues, with modular furniture that permits movement and flexibility. Ultimately, it is the unexpected meeting places like the hammocks, reading nooks and hallways lined with high work tables, that create a sensation of spontaneity one might associate with traveling the globe.

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