Banana palms and Tucurinca

MITI MITI tucurinca.jpg

Plátanos, or plantains, are a vital element to the culture and history of the Magdalena region of Colombia, sometimes referred to as a República Bananera or Banana Republic. From soccer to economics, bananas have permeated each aspect of Magdalena society.


In line with this tradition, Tucurinca, the Santa Marta-based brand known for its coastal rocking chairs made from metal and woven PVC, presents Miti-miti (half-and-half), its latest banana-derived product. Half, plastic, half banana, the Miti-miti collection blends the original PVC ropes of the Tucurinca chairs with fibers extracted from banana palms.

mitimiti tucurinca.jpg

With Miti-miti, the Tucurinca brand aims to promote a new-fangled experience within the banana industry, one that goes beyond simply preaching sustainability, but successfully implements it in carefully- design pieces that effectively add value.