Mura table by Bandido Studio



Sculpted in the traditional method developed by Mexican stone artisans, the deep black color and teardrop-shaped base of the Mura table by Bandido Studio make it a strong visual element in any room. Designers Alejandro Campos and Joel Rojas were inspired by visits to Tecali de Herrera, a municipality nearby the studio’s base in Puebla that is known for its marble artisanship. According to the studio, Tecali comes from the Náhuatl word tecalli, meaning stone house.

To create the table’s rounded base, Bandido worked closely with the Meza family workshop, masters in the art of marble turning. The table, which was launched during October’s Design Week Mexico, consists of a solid black Orizaba marble body finished with a matte surface that is transformed by a simple turning process. Set on top is an elegant piece of circular smoked glass secured by a piece of matching black anodized aluminum.


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