A container set with a noble message


Paloma is an homage to the 2010 Chilean mining accident that left 33 miners trapped underground for 69 days. After the initial euphoria of finding the miners’ location, the Chilean authorities worried how they would feed and communicate with the miners, trapped 700 meters underground and connected to the outside world solely by a narrow air duct.

The ultimate solution was through the use of palomas (“doves,” referring to their role as carrier pigeons), or plastic, tube-shaped vessels used to send food and messages to the miners.


Using the same name and form, the Paloma container set by Krause Chavarri studio was also designed to send an important message, communicating Chile’s identity and referencing its diverse geography through the use of stackable containers made in high-quality local materials.

Complete with five stackable pieces, and crafted in marble, copper, clay and wood, the set garnered enough attention to represent Chile abroad in the Diseño Marca Chile contest held by Fundación Imagen Chile. krausechavarri.cl

Corcova  is another table set designed by Krause Chavarri.

Corcova is another table set designed by Krause Chavarri.

About Krause Chavarri

Krause Chavarri is a design studio established in Santiago, Chile. Focused on creating objects suited to domestic spaces, the studio uses local materials, working closely with suppliers that specialize in each individual material in order to guarantee quality, turning raw ingredients into works of craftsmanship and design.

Address:  Americo Vespucio Norte 1026 Región Metropolitana Chile
Telephone: +56 9 95458945
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