The handmade bags that have made their way around the world

Photography by  Andres Asturias .

Photography by Andres Asturias.

When Italian-Guatemalan landscape and interior architect Cecilia Pirani returned to her home country of Guatemala, she was drawn to the typical plastic baskets that abounded in the local markets.


Inspired by Guatemalan craftsmanship and drawn to an object so typical of the country, Pirani launched Palorosa, a lifestyle brand presenting high quality tote bags and pots that repurpose the traditional recycled plastic baskets of her home country by reinterpeting them in a modern way.

palorosa project

Palorosa, whose name derives from the palo de rosa, a tree native to Central America that is characterized by a gray wooden rose, presents a collection of versatile and extremely durable baskets sold as both simple home accessories and small and large tote bags that fit anything you might need for everyday urban life.

palorosa project

Featuring a range of sizes and shapes that use soft and delicate accents, and with names like eucalyptus, cactus, and powder, the hand-woven plastic baskets display a unique palette of subtle, soft colors that reference the Guatemalan landscape and atmosphere.

palorosa project
palorosa project

Pirani collaborates with a team of local artisan women in Guatemala City to create each tote, crafting the hand-woven pieces through traditional techniques perfected in the Palorosa studio and workshop.

palorosa project

With boutiques all over the world, Palorosa recently opened a seasonal store in Milan and is also available in the following selected stores: Mociun in Williamsburg, Inés de la Fressange in Paris, 10 Corso Como in Milan, Bodega MATE in Lima, Peru, and Couverture & the Garbstore in London. For a more detailed list of stores, check out their web site,

Address: Seasonal Shop at Via Vigevano 15, Milano, Italy
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