Studio Sayso says yes to bold colors inspired by France and Colombia

Photo by  Sean Santiago .

Photo by Sean Santiago.

As part of New York Design Week’s Sight Unseen Offsite, NYC-based Studio Sayso launched Collection 01, the studio’s first-ever collection, reflecting the designers’ multicultural backgrounds: France and Colombia.

A mix of vibrant colors inspired by Colombia and the bold spirit of 1930s French and 1970s Italian design, the collection, handmade in Medellin by a team of craftsmen, consists of youthful, mid-priced pieces designed with comfort and versatility in mind.

Studio Sayso's Sight Unseen Offsite exhibit at  Creatures of Comfort  will be on view until June 25.

Studio Sayso's Sight Unseen Offsite exhibit at Creatures of Comfort will be on view until June 25.

Made from a simple bent-tube framework and finished with Maharam/Kvadrat upholstery, lacquered wood, or woven rattan, Collection 01 consists of three chair styles, a desk, side table, bench, stool, ottoman and a lamp. The chairs’ back bolsters are designed for people of different heights, featuring lightweight and stackable pieces and resilient fabrics.

The collection also takes inspiration from some of Europe’s brightest 20th century designers, in particular Mario Botta for his approach to form and materiality, Alvar Aalto, for his idea to mass-produce well-designed furniture at reasonable prices, and Mathieu Matégot for being one of the first designers to use tubular steel in both a practical and decorative way.

Portrait by Clement Pascal.

Portrait by Clement Pascal.


About Studio Sayso

Studio Sayso is a newly created design studio based in New York City, formed by Colombian-born interior designer Sarita Posada and French-American product designer Sophie Lou Jacobsen, with a focus on furniture and objects that cater to both the design-conscious consumer and the hospitality industry.

Address: Creatures of Comfort, 205 Mulberry St, New York, NY 10012
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