The Tree of Life by Verdi

Known for creating sophisticated, hand-woven artisanal rugs through an elaborate design process of interweaving natural and metal fibers, Colombian textile studio Verdi has finally opened its showroom in Bogotá, Colombia.

Photos courtesy of Verdi.

Photos courtesy of Verdi.

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Ever since Tomás Vera first decided he wanted to live out his dream of continuing the family legacy by becoming a rug salesman, he had a very clear image of where he wanted his brand to go. First, he had to recover Cumare — the company founded by his father in 1995; then, consolidate it as a multidisciplinary design studio focused on products for the home, fashion and art —today known as Verdi; and next, build a showroom that would represent the essence of the brand, and at the heart of it would be a large, sculptural tree, a symbol of the brand.

Five years later, Vera’s family legacy has finally launched its first showroom in Bogotá: a design experience in collaboration with Colette Studio, set to become a reference for the international design industry.

Within a 400-square-meter abandoned warehouse boasting sky-high ceilings and a second-floor mezzanine, Verdi combines Colombian craftsmanship with touches of modernity to create its Verdi universe— while exhibiting its latest collection of rugs, curtains, cushions, mochilas and art, all made from natural fibers brought from Curití, Santander.

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Part of the space’s success is its theatricality. Upon entrance, guests are given a small taste of what lies further. As Vera says, “The idea was not to reveal the space immediately. That's why there is a ‘sneak-peek.” This ‘sneak-peek’ comes in the form of a dramatically-lit tunnel incorporating the brand’s two signature materials: metal and fique. Juxtaposing a ceiling of woven copper weighing 200 kg with a floor woven in fique, the tunnel leads to an impressive spectacle.

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Standing tall at 5.7 meters, its trunk made of straw and copper threads, and foliage represented in natural fique fiber, Verdi’s Tree of Life takes center stage inside the showroom. Completed after more than 4 months and 12 craftsmen working day and night, the tree represents Verdi’s signature fusion of fique and metal, a connection to our ancestry, and our link to Mother Earth.

from the mountains of colombia

The story of Verdi began in 1995 with Carlos Vera Dieppa, a pioneer in the Latin American textile industry who developed a technique similar to the Japanese tatami rug by combining natural fibers and metal threads with vivid colors inspired by Colombia’s Caribbean coast. After his death, his children Tomás and Cristina Vera formalized the brand inspired by his father's legacy, giving it the name "Verdi" in honor of his surnames: Vera - Dieppa.

the path ahead

As creative director of the company, Tomás has set himself the task of transforming Verdi into one of the most important Latin American design brands in the world. With his mochilas, he has ventured confidently into the world of fashion, and his rugs are considered works of art for the floor, wall and ceiling. We predict that the Verdi showroom experience will become a trend, inspiring other studios in the Latin American region to design their own unique brand experience.

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