Lighting Collection by Acoocooro



For the creation of their first lighting collection, Mexican studio acoocooro took inspiration in ancient, fanciful locations, distant memories and emotional experiences.

Each of their unique pieces were designed to tell a story, stimulating feelings of nostalgia and expanding the imagination while providing a richness of materials and textures that exteriorize an otherwise whimsical design.

Sousaphone Lamp

This dramatic piece draws inspiration from the gleaming gramophones of the early twentieth century, reinterpreted to illuminate spaces and transport us to the old-fashioned social halls that were often enlivened by the gramophone’s rough sounds. The lamp is available in a solid oak base with a brass or copper screen.

Ovoide Lamp

The Ovoide lamp is meant to transport viewers to a fanciful underwater hall, illuminated only by soft, flaring rays of sunlight.

The translucent egg-shaped screens diffuse and soften light, creating an evocative, intriguing atmosphere, while exploring variations on organic and ever-flowing silhouettes, ambiguous textures, and even solids. This unique piece is available in an oak, matte white and matte black resin base, with screens in turquoise, champagne pink, white, and clear.

About Acoocooro

Acoocooro is a multidisciplinary design studio that works in interior design, architecture, furniture, product design, branding, and more.

The studio’s work is driven and informed by a passion for storytelling, materials and atmospheres. Every piece is designed to be moving, rich and evocative. The name acoocooro is the phonetic representation of the moment that takes place when the petals of a cherry blossom break open.

Address: 104 Calle Gabino Barreda, Ciudad de México, CDMX, 06010
Phone Number: ‭+52 1 (55) 2653 8820
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