Design House x Design Week Mexico

Living room by  C Cubica Arquitectos .

Living room by C Cubica Arquitectos.


Now in its 10th edition, Design House is probably the most popular event if you’re attending October’s Design Week Mexico, with more than 20 interior design and architecture firms joining together to transform an abandoned house into a fabulous weekend getaway.

C Cúbica Arquitectos, Mob + WeWork, Sofía Aspe, Studio Roca, A-G Studio, Raul de la Cerda Studio, ADI, and MarqCó are just a few of the 24 local designers and architects who were tasked with restoring a room or section of a house in Mexico City’s Lomas de Chapultepec neighborhood, in their particular style.

The result is a captivating medley of tastes, approaches, atmospheres and color palettes that showcase the diversity of talent, styles and techniques abounding in the 2018 World Design Capital, with concepts that address lifestyle trends, like meditation areas, urban gardens and co-working spaces.

Visitors enter through a lush botanical garden showcasing an immaculate glass treehouse developed by local architecture firm Broissin. Wrapped around the trunk of a large tree, Broissin’s treehouse invites visitors to fully immerse themselves in nature.

In the house’s rear, the pool area by Studio Roca presents another green space, providing peace and communion with nature in a relaxed, harmonious and unpretentious environment.

Next, visitors are greeted by a vibrant bar lined with colorful tiles and eccentric barware that ultimately lead to the outdoor cove Bar La Piedra, a spot by the award-winning interior designer Sofía Aspe meant to encourage lively socializing and lounging with a cocktail in hand.

design house-21.jpg

A highlight of the Design House is the monochrome indoor-outdoor co-working and lounging space by WeWork in collaboration with Mob design studio.

The pair worked together to devise a sensory concept that combines shared workspaces and aspects of modern Mexican architecture that merge furniture with the original structure.

Raul de la Cerda Studio’s passageway showcases the ability to easily transform the atmosphere through the implementation of elegant swiveling marble shutters that allow light in or restrict its entry.

design house-81.jpg

De la Cerda Studio was also tasked with restoring a bathroom of the house, for which the highly recognized Mexican Zote soap became the protagonist of the space’s quirky interior design concept.

A vegetable garden by Rebeca Zaga Glatt and mural referencing Henri Rousseau’s dream-inspired work line the walls of an interior-exterior distillation lab + flower shop concept by AG Interior Studio.

design house-34.jpg

Meanwhile, this living area by C Cúbica Arquitectos presents a stark contrast to the rest of the house in the form of a neutral palette that showcases minimalist details.

design house-61.jpg

Finally, Jardín Sustentable’s prairie style planting scheme inspired by marine biologist Octavio Aburto’s work in preserving biodiversity in marine ecosystems, features dahlias and other native plants.

Design House will be on show until October 28, 2018. For more information, visit the Design Week Mexico website.

Address: Monte Libano 930, Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico City