4 standout exhibitors from Medellin Design Week

June in Medellin signals the start of Medellin Design Week for the design world, and along with it, a selection of fairs, shows, conferences and workshops. The week's primary satellite fair is Bodega Central, this year presenting over fifty instances of local and international design in an open-air warehouse in downtown Medellin.

The Paco bar by  Nativo Mobiliario  (scroll down to number 2).

The Paco bar by Nativo Mobiliario (scroll down to number 2).


Bodega Central 2018's theme echoed guest of honor Karim Rashid’s future-based DESIGNA conference, raising the question “El Futuro es Incierto: ¿Yo qué estoy haciendo?” (The Future is Uncertain: What am I doing about it?). To follow are our top four favorite stands at the fair. medellindesignweek.com

Photo by Jonathan Allen, courtesy of  Sight Unseen .

Photo by Jonathan Allen, courtesy of Sight Unseen.


1. In/Equilibrium Vessel by Ana Buitrago

After studying the ceramic vessel tradition of pre-Columbian cultures, design student Ana Buitrago created the In/Equilibrium Vessel, a ceramic drinkware object that pays close attention to geometry, proportion and balance. Buitrago reduced the ancient artifact to its most elemental form, resulting in a contemporary interpretation of an iconic shape.


She then crowned it with a bronze stopper that contrasts with the fragile nature of the porcelain. With just a few versions available in a variety of tones, In/Equilibrium evokes the objects of our ancestors. For sales inquiries, contact Buitrago directlyana-buitrago.com

Paco - Artesano.jpg

2. Paco Bar by Nativo Mobiliario

Paco is a drinks cabinet designed by Nativo Mobiliario that highlights traditional wicker craftsmanship and juxtaposes it with simple wood workmanship, adding a contemporary touch in the form of an olive-colored accent that references the Colombian coffee landscape. Paco is functional and practical, with the left end of the tabletop opening upwards and the right providing a shelf for drinks storage.

The bar is part of Nativo’s Artesano line, a collection that aims to highlight local traditions and embrace Colombian craft processes and culture. The line’s color palette reflects the country's landscape, with earthy tones of green and sandy brown that evoke the mountains, forests, and vegetation. For sales inquiries, contact Nativo directly. nativomobiliario.com


3. Mantarraya by Fango and Gres Crafting

A collaboration between studios Fango and Gres Crafting, partner studios in Colombian design collective Plataforma Cero, the aptly titled “Manta-rraya” blanket, the Spanish word for manta ray—which conveniently unites the word for blanket “manta” with the word for ray “raya”—describes the peak moment when the sunset touches the earth and creates an orange beam across the horizon, resulting in a gradient of light that cloaks the skygres.com.co

medellindesignweek 73.jpg

4. ReZign by PlanQ

Forming part of guest country Holland House's collective stand, Rezign is a Dutch furniture brand created by PlanQ that uses eco- friendly processes and recycled materials to raise awareness about the importance of a low environmental footprint. Rezign chairs are made of recycled natural fibers such as denim or coffee bags in combination with environmentally friendly wood. The brand is currently searching for local production and distribution in Colombia. For sales inquiries, contact Diseño de Holanda heredisenodeholanda.com