6 Trends at Diseño Colombia 2018

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After eight editions, the artisanal fair Expoartesano returned this month to Medellin’s Plaza Mayor to exhibit more than 2,000 craft items made by Colombian artisans and designers. With a special focus on the economic sustainability of the local craft tradition, this year’s edition included artisans from communities in Nariño, Amazonas, Boyacá, La Guajira, Bolívar, and more, with many receiving training in design, production, quality, and merchandising.

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The search for economic sustainability became clear at the Diseño Colombia pavilion, an initiative by Artesanías de Colombia that carefully curates contemporary artisan design in Colombia, selecting emerging and established designers whose distinct style is linked to the artisanal techniques of the ancient Colombian masters. The result is a collection of products that preserve ancient techniques, stimulate innovation, and link the past to the present. To follow are a few trends we couldn’t ignore. expoartesano.com.co

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Macramé Wall Tapestries

Design lovers go crazy over these eye-catching wall tapestries--- an homage to grandmothers everywhere. They are designed by Ancestral and hand- woven in cotton and macramé. etsy.com/shop/AncestralStore

Chairs by Tucurinca and Zientte.

Chairs by Tucurinca and Zientte.

Colorful Woven Chairs

This recovered tradition of interwoven PVC cables proves to be an increasing trend, with innovative brands like Tucurinca and Carolina Ortega leading the way in terms of color combinations, patterns and formats. tucurinca.com.cocarolina-ortega.com

The Houd Klaas amplifier.

The Houd Klaas amplifier.


Patterned Details

These acoustic amplifiers by Bogotá-based Houd got a new look with wooden bases bedecked with appliques crafted in “Mopa Mopa” or “Barniz” from Pasto, Nariño. houdsound.com

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Straw Patterns

The designers at Reinhard Dienes Studio worked with straw weavers from Guapi, Buenaventura to create this tabletop design. Covered in glass and framed in steel, the pattern looks apt for spot in a gallery. reinharddienes.com

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Hand-woven Textiles

Fashion designer Adriana Santacruz worked with artisans from Pasto to create these limited edition large-format pillows for the Diseño Colombia collection. adrianasantacruz.com

Sheepskin Furniture

With pops of color and contemporary patterns, Mariana Vieira’s pieces are hard to miss. Elaborated in La Guajira by Wayúu artisans, Vieira works with sheepskin from horse saddle blankets to create her remarkable designs. vieira.com.co

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