Hauri Candleholder by Peca

Photos courtesy of Peca design studio.

Photos courtesy of Peca design studio.


In the tradition of the indigenous Huichol people of Mexico, the Hauri Candelabra by design studio Peca is a tribute to the candlelight offerings that take place during the group’s annual sacred pilgrimage to Wirikuta, in the desert of Mexico’s San Luis Potosí.

These impeccable candle holders are hand-carved from marble into spheres before being halved and re-polished, and feature an inlaid brass detail that wraps around one side of the base to create an asymmetrical design.  

haury by peca_result_2.png

Presented as a single piece, the candle holder actually separates in two to allow for multiple possibilities, while varying heights of interchangeable brass tubes create compelling visual compositions meant to encourage the user to play with arrangements. 

hauri by peca caterina moretti

Whether as a candleholder, a vase for small flowers or an accent piece, Hauri is available in black or white marble and includes a brass insert ring. peca.com.mx

About Peca

Peca is a design studio located in Guadalajara, Mexico. Head designer and director Caterina Moretti has infused the brand with her unique ability to work with natural materials, exploring new possibilities in texture and form in an effort to bring nature indoors. The studio’s creative spirit has been enriched by collaborations with local artisans and guest designers, resulting in a portfolio that honors tradition as much as innovation.

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Phone Number: +52 (33) 38346053
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