Welcome Back collection by Fi

Photos courtesy of Fi by Sofia Alvarado.

Photos courtesy of Fi by Sofia Alvarado.


Welcome Back is the latest collection by Panama City-based Fi design studio, led by architect and creative director Sofia Alvarado.


The collection recalls timeless furniture pieces inspired by Romanticism, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Bauhaus, redefining them by contemporary standards to evoke their former glory in an updated, futuristic edition.


The uninhibited use of colors, materials and compositions recalls the days gone by of interior design, when the possibilities went beyond the basics, allowing for unrestricted, dynamic and diverting spaces that suggest happiness, attention to detail and individuality.


At the conceptual level, this collection is a tribute to the freedom we enjoy during childhood, an inherent right that we leave behind when we enter adulthood.

Metal is used throughout collection, in particular the twisted rods reminiscent of old-fashioned metal welding. Other materials include wood, mirrors, wired glass and velvet and leather upholstery. The lively color palette references a time period when design was conceived to inspire diversion and joy. sofialvarado.com

About Fi

Fi is an architectural design studio with a focus on small scale production, furniture and elements complementary to architecture. The studio’s ideology is based on the concept of human design, which recognizes that human handiwork and craftsmanship are invaluable and can yield impeccable results. Sofia Alvarado is the architect and creative designer behind this Panama City-based studio, designing and manufacturing handicrafts in collaboration with local artisans.

Address: Casa 151 Ave. Williamson Gamboa, Panamá
Phone Number: +507 6747 9474
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