kriteria's guide to Design Week Mexico

Don’t miss our ‘What to see’ section below, featuring some of architect Luis Barragán’s works.

Don’t miss our ‘What to see’ section below, featuring some of architect Luis Barragán’s works.

The eleventh edition of Design Week Mexico inaugurates a month of cultural activities in Mexico City, featuring an array of events, conferences, exhibitions, public space installations, and independent shows to promote design across many disciplines. Presented by the newly launched Mexico Territorio Creativo (MXCT), an organization that encompasses all the creative initiatives that Design Week Mexico has generated throughout its trajectory, Design Week Mexico will take place from October 3 - 27 in different spots throughout the capital.

Taking place alongside it are other initiatives like the Abierto Mexicano de Diseño, another design platform that has sought to present design as a tool that responds to social, cultural, environmental, economic and political issues— as well Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico City and Maison Diez Company, an ambitious project that brings together the most prestigious international decorative lighting brands in a spectacular location in Mexico City. Keep reading for our design week guide during this exciting month which launches today.

Design Week Mexico

Design House

October 3 – 27, Lomas Virreyes

One of our top picks of the month is Design House, where architects and interior designers have collaboratively renovated a 1940s home, resulting in a smorgasbord of styles and trends.

Participating studios are: Ad Hoc, A.D.I, Aplenosol, B+P Arquitectura, C Cúbica Arquitectos, Comité de Proyectos, Ducolab + Anuar Layón, Fernanda Rionda, Foam, GG Arquitectura, Grid, Kast Studio + Thierry Jeannot, Jorge Mustri, MArqCo, Olga Hanono, RDLC, Rhyzoma, Studi Roca, Taller Maya, Uribe Krayer, VA Studio, Vertebral, VGZ Arquitectura, Vieyra Arquitectos and VFO + Glocal Design Magazine.

A piece from last year’s Inédito, Nero by  Xavi Loránd .

A piece from last year’s Inédito, Nero by Xavi Loránd.


October 4 – 20, CDMX Architecture and Design Space

Inédito- or Unpublished, is an exhibition that presents the projects resulting from an open call for utilitarian design projects in the categories of social impact, environmental impact, innovation, function, aesthetics, concept, user experience, materials and processes. The platform includes two participant categories: professionals and students, from which winners of the Inédito Prize will be selected on October 12.

Cuba: La singularidad del diseño

October 5 – March 5 2020, Museo de Arte Moderno

‘Cuba: La singularidad del diseño’ (Cuba: The uniqueness of Design) will present design pieces, photographs, models and graphic and interactive materials to educate the public about the different ways in which Cuban culture materializes through design and architecture.

A living/ dining area by  C Cubica Arquitectos  during Design House 2018.

A living/ dining area by C Cubica Arquitectos during Design House 2018.

Diseño Contenido

October 5 - 6, Parque Lincoln

A platform for promoting young Mexican and Cuban designers through pop-up installations of 20 industrial containers, forming an urban fair in one of Mexico City’s most celebrated spots.

Visión y Tradición

October 10 – 20, Museo Nacional de Antropología

A project that seeks to foster collaboration between artisans and designers, generating pieces that establish a dialogue between traditional production and contemporary design.

Ruta del Diseño

October 12, Parque Lincoln

An all-day tour of the most outstanding showrooms, galleries and studios in various areas of the city. Starts at 11am from Parque Lincoln.

Abierto Mexicano de Diseño

Exposición Central

October 9 – 27, Museo del Palacio de Bellas Artes

This international festival brings together the community that practices, consumes and enjoys creative expressions connected to different areas of design. Its central exhibition will explore the theme of popular culture with “Pop, Populista, Popular. El diseño del pueblo.” (Pop, populism, popular. Design of the people.), recognizing that design fosters openness, difference, empowerment and inclusion.


October 9 – 13, Museo Nacional de Arte

A space that will present 40 new proposals coming from the local and international design industry, answering the question, ‘Why and for whom do we design?’

Abierto Pavilions

  • Academic Pavilion, curated by Francisco Torres, based in Palacio de Autonomía.

  • Architecture Pavilion, curated by Projector + Andrés Souto. The pavilion will present 32 projects of architecture offices in the country, with headquarters in Numismatic Museum.

  • Visual Communication Pavilion, based in Porrúa Library

  • Object and Furniture Pavilion, based in the Museum of Popular Art in which the participation of Laura Noriega, Moisés Hernández and Xinú perfumes stands out.

  • Fashion and Textile Design Pavilion, based in the El Rule Cultural Center, curated by Coolhuntermx.

  • Technology Pavilion, curated by the director of the Alameda Art Laboratory, Lucia Sanromán.

Maison Diez Company

Maison Diez Company

October 9 – 14, Alicia, Marsella 70, Juárez

The team at Maison Diez Company puts a spin on the lighting experience in Mexico by combining architecture, design and hospitality. Five apartments inside the Alicia building in Juarez will be transformed into lighting exhibitions, presenting lighting pieces from some of the most important brands in the world, creating their own distinctive environments.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico City

October 7 – 11

The 26th edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico City will take place from Monday the 7th to Friday the 11th. On this occasion, there will be three venues that will present the Spring-Summer 2020 collections by 23 designers.

Highlights include Collectiva Yakampot, Cynthia Büttenklepper, Julia and Renata and appearances by Omaruiz, Malena Foyo and Brandsen by Slot and Momoroom.

Where to Stay

Las Alcobas

Architectural Digest recommends booking a room at Las Alcobas in the posh neighborhood of Polanco.

Condesa DF

Condesa DF offers the chic vision of superstar designer India Mahdavi.

Downtown Mexico

Colonial grandeur meets an industrial edge with stripped-back rooms rich in bohemian-chic elegance at this UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Where to Eat

Churreria El Moro

Go here for a churro any time of day. The menu is simple—churros, eight types of hot chocolate, and the consuelo, an ice-cream sandwich with coiled churros on each end.


Pujol was voted among the top 3 best restaurants in Latin America after Maido and Central in Lima, Peru. Located in the Polanco neighborhood, Pujol is known for combining rustic Mexican flavors that pay tribute to the rich culinary history of Mexico. Book a table here in advance and enjoy their famous taco omakase menu at the bar.

A favorite at Masala y Maiz.

A favorite at Masala y Maiz.

Masala y Maíz

A fusion of Mexican, South Asian and East African cuisines, this restaurant offers interesting and delicious dishes.

What to see

Luis Barragán’s famous color-blocked terrace.

Luis Barragán’s famous color-blocked terrace.

Casa Estudio Luis Barragán

The only Pritzker Prize-winning architect to hail from Mexico, Luis Barragán built this home and studio for himself in 1948 and was its sole inhabitant until he died in 1988. Visits by appointment only so reserve in advance!

The impressive indoor pool at Casa Gilardi.

The impressive indoor pool at Casa Gilardi.

Casa Gilardi

Casa Gilardi was Luis Barragán’s final residential project, constructed in 1976 when the architect was 80 years old. The house’s original commissioner still lives there with his family, and we were lucky enough to have his wife and son guide us through a tour of the house.

Archivo Diseño y Arquitectura

Archivo Diseño y Arquitectura is a space dedicated to the research and exhibition of design. The modernist residence was purchased in 2010 by Mexican architect Fernando Romero, who initially intended to use it as an office but soon decided to open Archivo instead.


Kurimanzutto is one of Mexico City’s leading contemporary art galleries. On show currently: Horas de Museo by Gabriel Sierra.