Vidivixi’s latest collection marks the studio’s rebirth in Mexico City

Docked en Río. Installation photos by  Pia Riverola . Product photos by Jorge   Abuxapqui .

Docked en Río. Installation photos by Pia Riverola. Product photos by Jorge Abuxapqui.


The duo behind Mexico City-based Vidivixi, Mark Grattan and Adam Caplowe, launched their latest furniture collection in a 19th century mansion in the city’s Roma Norte neighborhood. The centerpiece of the AW18 Collection, which marks the studio’s phoenix in Mexico City, is the Docked en Río bed, featuring a tufted cotton frame wrapped around an elegantly folded base inspired by traditional Japanese furniture, tropical Modernism and art deco.

Vidivixi, whose name translates to “I saw, I’ve lived” in Latin, launched the collection as a response to the designers’ experiences in Mexico and New York. Their ethos celebrates “the vogue of modern living,” a nod to the world created when vintage, classic and modern lifestyles are merged.

“I believe the new work has elevated quite a bit. Mexico allows you time— the time to develop and focus,” recounts Grattan about his relocation to Mexico City. “However easily distracting it can be, it really allowed the design process and development to take its course. I feel isolated in the best possible way, like a full time artists’ residency. The work is much more mature, sophisticated and thoughtful.”

Docked en Rio


Vivien’s Table


Named after Caplowe’s late mother who grew up in Mexico, this elliptical-shaped dining table is crafted from a solid dyed oak table top, encasing two pieces of bronze glass that sit on eight thick blackened oak legs.

The packsaddle


Reminiscent of the strap that secures a saddlebag to a horse, the Packsaddle Side Table features a wide, hammock-like leather strap that supports a semi- circular structure that is lacquered in black. It can be opened to reveal an interior shelf made of bronze glass, much like that of the tabletop, which incorporates a bronze glass surface.

Café con Leche & Collectors’ cabinet

vidivixi living room2.png

The aptly named Café Con Leche coffee table features eight U-shaped curves that seamlessly interlock to create a square base structure. Made from oak hardwood, Café Con Leche is stained black with a matte finish, and topped with a bronze glass surface.

Alternatively, the Collectors’ Cabinet deviates from the rounded quality of the rest of the collection. Constructed in blackened steel combined with a stained black oak cabinet fitted to its interior, a reflective bronze glass lines the outsides of the frame while horizontal hardwood panels attach from behind, resulting in a strong graphic silhouette.

About Vidivixi

Adam Caplowe and Mark Grattan met in Mexico City in 2016 at a mutual friend’s exhibition. Originally from London, Caplowe worked in fashion and interior design firms in Hong Kong, arriving in Mexico City to explore his late mother’s native country. Grattan, the Creative Director and Pratt graduate who founded Vidivixi in 2014 in NYC, decided to relocate to Mexico as his production research turned into inspiration and one month turned into many. Together they refined the focus of Vidivixi, daring to design timeless pieces that thrive in diverse lifestyles.

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